Vision, Mission, and Community Codes

Our Vision
Academy 21’s vision is to provide an individualized, innovative, balanced, challenging, and rigorous curriculum that allows for differences in interests, learning styles, and ability. We strive to provide a safe learning environment that promotes responsibility for self and positive attitudes toward others through an appreciation of individuality and diversity. We are dedicated to supporting students emotionally and academically with services and resources to ensure that their online and in-person learning experience is successful and meaningful.

Our Mission
Technology driven, student-centered, meaningful learning.

AC 21 Community Codes
We are a school family.
We are kinder than necessary and treat others how we want to be treated.
We are more alike than different.
Helping you helps me too.
We work together to keep everyone safe.
We respect each other’s boundaries and property.
We achieve our goals by working hard.
The past and present won’t keep us from our future.
We revisit these codes each year and revise them based on student input and community needs.