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Director's Message

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We are excited to announce that Academy 21 has expanded and now serves K-12 students!

Our  virtual learning environment combines the benefits of online learning with in-person instruction from highly qualified teachers. Academy 21 students are full time Center Line Public School students. Coursework is delivered online, and student pacing is flexible so that students have the ability to complete courses at a suggested or accelerated pace.
Students in our program come to us with a variety of learning styles and needs. It is our commitment to provide rich curricular experiences that meet the needs of every learner. Our staff is committed to thinking with innovation as we continually develop practices and provide personalized experiences beyond the computer that enrich learning. A personalized approach not only helps to foster engagement in academics, but promotes real-world connections that ensure our learners will be career and college ready.
We have two Academic Labs serving K-5 and 6-12 students.
The K-5 Academic Lab is located at the Early Childhood Center. Students in the K-5 Academy 21 program receive ALL core and elective subjects through online courses. The program is built to develop a strong partnership with parents, teachers, and students. Parents serve the role of "learning coaches" and guide student learning at home while using the program to guide pacing and content. Highly qualified elementary teachers monitor the coursework, grade assignments, and provide extra support at the K-5 Academic Lab as needed. 
The 6-12 Academic Lab is located at the Ellis Building.   Students attend the Academic Lab 6-15 hours per week based on their personal schedule, and complete the remainder of their coursework at home. Students at this level are supported by highly qualified teaching staff as they develop independence, self-motivation, time management, self-advocacy, and academic achievement.   
Our program is open to all Center Line Public Schools residents, as well as school of choice eligible students in grades Kindergarten through Twelve.

Jennifer Wickersham,  Special Programs and Academy 21 Director (contact for 6-12)
Tracy Thornburg, K-5 Coordinator